Our newest exhibition opens 
APRIL 25th 7 - 10pm! 

Over 120 artists from around the world are participating in a huge benefit show for three wonderful animal rescues and shelters. Each artist is contributing a work resembling their own power animals. The exhibition is animal friendly, so bring your critters if you'd like, and have fun in our photo booth, participate in a raffle for pet gift bags, and enjoy the hot-dog bar! Also, you'll be able to visit us online and take the "What's your power animal" quiz which will let you answer questions to find out which one of our artist created familiars can protect / heal / accompany you. Official Facebook Invite HERE.

NEW! Download Great Personality: GUARDIANS! IT IS HERE!

We've created a series of Dating Sims featuring 32 characters inspired by Myers Briggs Personality Types! Come fall in love with the world & interact with charming, lovable, crushable characters! The first game : Guardians was released JANUARY 24th (Free to download!) in coordination with the Great Personality Exhibition. The games feature the work of nearly 50 creatives and we know you'll fall in love with the stories, the characters and the space! For more information, click HERE


See our newest projects! In Place : Wish You Were Here Limited Edition Art Book & ROLEMODELS: The Battle for Vyk' Tornaahl Card Game! Details on our shop


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